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2018年6月26至28日, 上海

Automotive Power Electronics

PCIM Asia 2017-汽车电力电子技术、智能运动专场 (PDF, 5.47 MB)

PCIM Asia 2017-汽车电力电子技术、智能运动专场

Tuesday afternoon, 27 June 2017 

Meeting room 11 in the Floor B2 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center 


Xuhui Wen, Chinese Academy of Science, China


A Novel Modularized Equalization Circuit Based on DC-DC Chopper for Series Connected Lithium-Ion Battery packs      


Yingzhi Li, China Three Gorges University, China


One disadvantage of current equalization circuit, used in series-connected lithium-ion batteries, is high energy transfer-loss. It inevitably leads insecurity of equipment and cooling investment increased. In this paper, a novel modularized equalization circuit, based on DC-DC chopper, is proposed to supply zero loss in theory. The researched modularized circuit includes double battery cells, two switches and an inductor. A respected output voltage can be satisfied through multiple modules connected in series. To confirm its performance, theoretical analysis and control method have been finished, respectively. Simulation and small scale experiments are applied to verify the effect of energy equalization in this work.


A 500Arms 48V power stage of BSG inverter with TO-Leadless MOSFET for Mild HEV    


Rui Rong, Infineon Integrated Circuit (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China


Electrical machines and inverters were used as Belt-driven Starter Generator (BSG) system in the Mild Hybrid vehicle to enhance the output torque of the engine. A 48V 13.6kW inverter of BSG was designed with paralleled TO-Leadless MOSFETs. The phase current was up to 500Arms while the Vds voltage spike was under 70V. The maximum temperature rice of MOSFET was 30°C, and the current of MOSFET was balanced well. This design fulfilled the requirement with 105°C liquid cooling system. It’s scalable with optional numbers and different Rdson of MOSFET and flexible for 3~6 phases inverter.


700kVA/L power density IGBT module for xEV power train   


Akihiro Osawa, Fuji Electric, Japan


I demonstrate that the new 1200A/750V IGBT module which has high power density of about 700kVA/L for xEV power train. The new IGBT module targets to the 200kW class motor.

Trends of the power module for xEV are high power density, lower chip characteristics, downsizing and low thermal resistance. In order to satisfy these requirements, the new IGBT module is adopted the new Reverse Conducting (RC)-IGBT featuring Fuji’s 7th-gen IGBT technology, cooler capability with Al direct liquid cooling structure and the lead fame technology.

As a result, the best performance of power density as about 700kVA/L is achieved. 

15:15 Coffee Break

A Double-Sided Cooling Package Design with Pinfin. 


Puqi Ning, Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


A novel packaging structure for medium power modules featuring power semiconductor switches sandwiched between two symmetric substrates that fulfill electrical conduction and insulation functions is presented. The power switches in a popular phase-leg electrical topology are combined with pinfin structure for double-sided cooling.


Enhanced Power Electronics System for High-Performance Testing of Motor Control Units in a Power HIL Environment    


Gerrit Meyer, dSPACE GmbH, Germany


Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is an established test method for analyzing motor control units (MCUs). For highly integrated drive controllers, the controller and the power electronics must be tested at the electric power level (emulation). Testing propulsion drive electronics this way requires specific power electronics for emulation. The presented work introduces a special hardware solution based on an interleaved switching three-level neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverter and a sophisticated control algorithm to establish a high-bandwidth electronic load for testing such electronic power systems.